What are The Symptoms of Melanoma?

What are the symptoms of melanoma?

Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer that can form in your skin, eyes and even internal organs. It is the most common type of cancer which can be healed if it is caught very early. Sun damage is the main cause for melanoma because you will be exposed to higher amounts of UV radiations from the sun.

Melanoma can occur in anywhere on your body. It may occur on your palms, soles, back of ears, nose, scalp, mouth, genital areas and between the buttocks. The first symptoms are:

  • A changing in an existing mole
  • A small, dark, multicolored spot with irregular borders
  • A cluster of shiny, firm, dark bumps
  • A mole larger than a pencil eraser

There are five different characteristics that help you identify them: asymmetrical shape, irregular border, changes in color, diameter and evolving. What’s more, a new skin growth or open sore which does not recover or disappear in 6 weeks may also be a warning for melanoma.

Call your doctor if you notice there are some unusual changes in your skins.

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