What Are the Symptoms of Botulism in Chickens?

What are the symptoms of botulism in chickens?

Botulism is a severe disease that may lead to paralysis or even death. Besides birds, it can occur in poultry and humans as well. If you find your pet chicken has the following signs, it may be suffering a progressive, symmetrical, flaccid paralysis with:

  • weak, tremoring and stumbling legs
  • drooped wings
  • inability to hold their head erect

The chicken appears lame and often might stand up and walk a few steps before falling.

Here are two pictures of chickens that get botulism:

What are the sources of the botulism toxin?
In most cases, chickens get botulism through eating

  • contaminated soil, water, decaying matter or maggots

To prevent botulism, you should:

  • Never feed chickens spoiled feed or maggots.
  • Do not feed chickens rotting vegetables, particularly cabbage.
  • Do not allow chickens access to areas of standing water, such as that found in deep mud, swamps, or wetland areas.
  • Clean up any spilled feed from the pen at the end of each day
  • Properly dispose of dead animals by promptly burying them at least a foot into the ground or by burning them.

Though the cases are comparatively not common, remember, never take it lightly.


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