What Are the Symptoms and Treatments of Atopic Eczema on the Scalp?

What are the symptoms and treatments of atopic eczema on the scalp?

Scalp eczema is a type of eczema that causes inflamed, itchy, dry skin to form on your scalp. Here are the symptoms and treatments of atopic eczema on the scalp:

• Red and scaly
• Flaky
• Greasy or waxy
• Very itchy or feel like it’s burning
• Oozing or have “weeping” lesions
• Causing a discharge from the ear if eczema continues from the scalp into the ear canal
• Causing changes in skin color after healing


Lifestyle changes
you may want to take note of:
• what you ate
• what the weather was like
• whether you were feeling any stress, and what it was about
• when you last washed or style your hair
• what hair products you used
Once you identify your triggers, you can work to avoid them.

Shampoos and other hair products
Look for shampoos containing:
• zinc pyrithione
• salicylic acid
• sulfur
• coal tar
• selenium sulfide
• ketoconazole

Seborrheic and atopic dermatitis can be treated with an OTC or prescription corticosteroid cream or another topical steroid like:
• mometasone (Elocon)
• betamethasone (Bettamousse)
• flucinolone acetonide (Synalar)

You should see a doctor if your condition worsens or appears infected.

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