What Are The Stages of Lung Cancer?

What are the stages of lung cancer?

Lung cancer can be divided into two major types: Small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer.

The stages of small cell lung cancer include:

  • Limited stage: Just one lung and possibly nearby lymph nodes, not spreading to both lungs yet.
  • Extensive stage: the tumor has spread to the fluid around your lungs or other organs like your brain.

The stages of non-small cell lung cancer include:
Occult stage: It is also called hidden cancer. The tumor can’t be seen on imaging scans or a biopsy even though the cancer cells can be picked up in the mucus.

  • Stage 0: The tumor is very small, not spreading into deeper lung tissues or outside your lungs.
  • Stage I: The cancer can be found in lung tissues, but not in lymph nodes.
  • Stage II: The cancer has spread to lymph nodes near lungs.
  • Stage III: The cancer has spread further into your lymph nodes and the middle of your chest.
  • Stage IV: The cancer has spread widely around your body, like the brain, liver or bones.

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