What Are the Pathological Changes in Bovine Ovary After Luteinizing?

What are the pathological changes in bovine ovary after luteinizing?

Bovine ovary is often associated with bovine ovary cyst. Bovine ovary cyst refers to the cystic neoplasm on ovary, and it is mainly divided into follicular cyst and luteal cyst. Luteinization is a form of bovine ovary cyst. After luteinizing the bovine ovary cyst will develop into corpus luteum cyst, and there will be some pathological changes in bovine ovary:

  • Unevenly distribution of the luteinized cells in the cyst wall.
  • A lot of luteinized pigment granules and lipids in the cytoplasm.
  • Multiple layers of luteal cells forming the cyst wall.

Corpus luteum cyst is often found in cattle, horses, donkeys, pigs, dogs and other animals.

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