What Are the Differences between Pseudoseizure and Real Seizure?

What are the differences between pseudoseizure and real seizure?

Epilepsy is a chronic recurrent transient brain dysfunction syndrome. It is characterized by repeated epileptic seizures caused by abnormal discharge of brain neurons.

According to the free dictionary, pseudoseizure is an attack resembling an epileptic seizure but having purely psychological causes, lacking the electroencephalographic changes of epilepsy, and sometimes is able to be stopped by an act of will.

There are a number of characteristic differences between a pseudoseizure and an epileptic seizure.


  • ŸIndividuals experiencing pseudoseizures usually close their eyes and resist attempts to open them.
  • ŸThe intensity of a pseudoseizure usually remains constant from the beginning to the end of the episode, with each episode lasting, on average, about two minutes.
  • ŸPseudoseizure disorder is much more common in women, particularly young women, with a history of mental problems.

Epileptic seizure

  • ŸIndividuals experiencing epileptic seizures generally keep their eyes open and experience a sharp spike.
  • The intensity of the episode decreases and rarely lasts as long as pseudoseizures.
  • A person suffering from an epileptic seizure will have elevated blood prolactin levels after the seizure.


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