What Are the Common Home Remedies for Diabetes?


How to take care of the diabetic at home? Any effective home remedies?



Ha-ha, you ask the right people. I just tried a number of home remedies. And I think these 5 are much better.

Bitter Gourd. This is well known. Take a try with a glass of bitter gourd juice (without seeds) every morning, you will see its magic!

Cinnamon. You can mix it with boiling water on on a low flame for almost 20 minutes simmering. Daily drinking really works for a steady blood glucose level.

Gooseberry. I used to drink it on empty stomach. And I can feel my skin gets better apart from the glucose improvement.

Mango Leaves. Unexpected? Boiled mango leaves reduce glucose absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.

Bay Leaves. You can eat it before lunch and dinner with turmeric together. Studies once proved a 20~26% reduction in glucose levels only after one month eating.


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