What Are the Causes of Testicle Hydrocele?

What are the causes of testicle hydrocele?

Testicle hydrocele is a type of accumulation of fluid between the tunica vaginalis and testis. Usually it occurs to newborns and gradually disappears when they get older. However, some factors can make older children and adults suffer from it and need treatments.

There are causes of testicle hydrocele for newborns and other males.


A baby can develop testicle hydrocele when he is in the womb. Normally, the sac around the testicles closes and any fluid in it is gradually absorbed after baby’s birth. When the fluid is not absorbed, testicle hydrocele will remain.

Other males

  • Inflammation within the scrotum
  • Infection in the scrotum
  • Tumor in the scrotum
  • Varicocele’s surgery

Sometimes, testicle hydrocele is not harmful. But you still need call your doctor for medical advice.


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