What Are the Causes of Bladder Cancer?

1.    Smoking

Smoking not only causes lung cancer, but also contributes to urinary bladder cancer. The longer the person’s history of smoking is, the greater his chance of having bladder cancer will be. There are many carcinogens of bladder cancer contained in cigarette smoke, so we should prevent breathing in secondhand smoke in order to get away from bladder cancer.

2.    Exposed to harmful chemicals

The inhalation of aromatic amines is one of the reasons that people have bladder cancer. Bladder is a flexible pouch used to store the urine. If a person works in a place surrounded by aromatic amines, he can’t avoid breathing in carcinogens. Normally these chemicals are supposed to be excreted out of the body with the urine because of metabolism. However, after years of contact with them, the person may be diagnosed with bladder cancer eventually. Chemicals such as aniline, diaminodiphenyl, and 2-Naphthylamine have been proved to lead to bladder cancer.

3.    Other causes

Smoking and exposure to harmful chemicals are the two main contributors to bladder cancer. Still there are many other causes, including obesity, chronic bladder inflammation, prior radiation treatment and family history. Pioglitazone (Actos), a medication for diabetes, also increases your risk of having bladder cancer.



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