What Are the Causes and Drug Treatment of AFib?

Q: I was diagnosed with AFib yesterday. I exercise regularly and always feel that my physical condition is good. How come I have the disease? How to treat AFib with drugs?

A: Many patients don’t understand how they come to have atrial fibrillation. Actually it may be caused by a series of factors.

Risk factors related to the heart: previous myocardial infarction or other underlying heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea syndrome.

Risk factors related to lifestyle: drinking excessively, smoking, long-term intensive physical activities.

Doctors should prescribe medications for people with AFib at the risk of stroke to prevent the formation of blood clots. They may also prescribe medications that can control the heart rate and rhythm. You may also need to take medications that treat other underlying diseases. Besides, you must inform the doctor the medicines you are currently taking to avoid any negative interaction.

Medicines prescribed to control your heart rate can slow your heart rate by regulating the biological signal from atrium to ventricles.

Medications used to control your heart rhythm helps to restore and maintain a regular beating of the heart.

Anticoagulants, which are also known as blood thinners, stop the formation of blood clots to prevent stroke.



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