What Are the Best Incontinence Treatment?

What are the best incontinence treatment?

There are many treatment plans for incontinence. To find out the best incontinence treatment, you are supposed to ask your doctor for advice.

Treatments you can choose from:


  • Oxytrol
  • Myrbetriq
  • Detrol
  • Enablex
  • Urispas
  • Vesicare
  • Botox

Behavioral treatment

  • Kegels (a type of exercise)
  • Decrease the amount of water you drink
  • Avoid consuming caffeine, carbonated drinks and spicy foods


Chances of treatments being successful
The good news is that around 80% of patients can see their condition improved. In some cases, patients can even be cured. Of course, how effective a treatment will be depends on whether you get a correct diagnosis and whether you follow your doctor’s advice.

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