What Are Symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia?

What are symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia?


Signs and symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia include one or more of the following:

  • Episodes of severe, shooting or jabbing pain
  • Spontaneous attacks of pain or attacks triggered by things like touching the face, chewing, speaking or brushing teeth
  • Bouts of pain lasting from a few seconds to several minutes
  • Episodes of several attacks lasting days, weeks, months or longer and some people have periods when they experience no pain
  • Constant aching, burning feeling that may occur before it evolves into the spasm-like pain of trigeminal neuralgia
  • Pain in areas supplied by the trigeminal nerve, including the cheek, jaw, teeth, gums, lips, or less often the eye and forehead
  • Pain affecting one side of the face at a time, or rarely affecting both sides of the face
  • Pain focused in one spot or spread in a wider pattern
  • Attacks that become more frequent and intense over time

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