What Are Liver Cancer Symptoms in Women?

What are liver cancer symptoms in women?

Liver cancer symptoms in women don’t differ very much from the liver cancer symptoms in men. The only difference is that they are more obviously seen in women.

In most cases, signs and symptoms of liver cancer include weigh loss that can’t be explained, loss of appetite, pain in the upper area of abdomen, etc. Other possible symptoms that may indicate liver cancer are yellow circles around the eyes and nails, and the outcome of that is jaundice.

Depending upon the cancer type, symptoms can change, but generally, they are more evident in women than in men.

Unfortunately, they can often be replaced with the symptoms that appear due to PMS or an ovarian cancer. Weakness, pain around the right shoulder blade, anemia, anorexia, and other possible symptoms can also appear if a woman has liver cancer.

Sadly, women most often ignore these symptoms and blame it on their life style and diet. Therefore, if you experience any signs or symptoms that worry you, you’d better make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

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