What Are Home and Natural Remedies for Allergies?

What are home remedies for allergies?

There are home remedies for different types of allergy.

Home remedies for household airborne allergy include:

  • Use hard flooring instead of carpeting
  • Maintain low humidity
  • Change bedding frequently

Home remedies for mold allergy include:

  • Fix leaks outside and inside the house or apartment
  • Buy dehumidifiers or ventilation fans

Home remedy for hay fever and sinus congestion include:

  • Use a squeeze bottle or a neti pot


What are natural remedies for allergies?

Natural remedies work by blocking unnecessary reactions and inflammation by the immune system.

Natural allergy supplements include:

  • Quercetin. A lot of fruits and wine contain quercetin. It prevents the release of histamine which leads to inflammation.
  • Butterbur. It can block the release of some chemicals that may cause swollen nasal passages.
  • Bromelain. This can help ease symptoms such as thinning mucus and nasal swelling. It works better when used together with drugs for sinus infections.

But you should consult your doctor first if you

  • Are younger than 18
  • Are breastfeeding or pregnant
  • Taking other medicines
  • Suffering from other medical conditions


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