What Are Hafnia Alvei?

What are hafnia alvei?

Hafnia alveus (the plural is “alvei”) is a facultative anaerobic gram-negative bacterium, which can be found in feces of human beings and animals, natural water, and soil. It is the only bacterium of the genus of Escherichia coli.

The bacterium is a conditional pathogen, which can cause a variety of intestinal infections under certain conditions. In addition, it is associated with various diseases such as wound infection, suppuration and diarrhea.

The isolation rate of Hafnia alvei in the carrions is very high. The presence of this bacterium is one of the factors that causes the meat products to spoil and deteriorate, and affects the flavor, and reduces preservation time.

Hafnia alvei prefer an anaerobic and humid environment, and the vacuum-packed refrigerated environment is a suitable growth environment for Hafnia alvei.

Key words: Hafnia alvei; bacterium.

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