What Are Dyslexia Symptoms for Different Age Groups?

What are dyslexia symptoms for different age groups?

It is true that symptoms of dyslexia can be a little different depending on the age group. This article will talk about symptoms of different age groups ranging from preschool to the 3rd grade.

Here are the signs:


  • Unable to recognize his or her own name
  • Unable to tell the difference between letters
  • Difficulty pronouncing words


  • Slow to name familiar colors or objects
  • Unable to remember the sounds and names of the letters
  • Unable to tell the difference between the sounds that make up a word

1st and 2nd grades:

  • Trouble pronouncing and remembering new words
  • Difficulty blending sounds to say words
  • Resists reading aloud
  • Falls way behind classmates

2nd and 3rd grades:

  • Has troubling behavior
  • Guess at unknown words
  • Fail to get meaning from reading
  • Starts to withdraw


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