What Are Benign Pancreatic Tumors?


What are benigh pancreatic tumors?


Benign pancreatic tumors are tumors found in the pancreas that do not metastasize or spread to other sites in the body. However, these benign tumors are rare, and some can turn malignant.

There are mainly three types of benign tumors of the pancreas, namely pseudocysts,  mucinous cystadenomas and serous cystadenomas. The latter two belong to the group of cystic tumors.

  • Pseudocysts: They occur mostly in people who have a history of pancreatitis, which means inflammation of the pancreas.
  • Mucinous cystadenomas: They are the most common cystic tumors.  They are found mostly in females and have a very high probability of turning malignant. The best treatment for them is surgical removal, and some need to be removed by the very invasive Whipple operation.
  • Serous cystadenomas: They rarely turn malignant. So the treatment for them is often watchful waiting unless the tumor is causing the patient some difficulty. By the way, they look like honeycombes.

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