What Are Aquagenic Urticaria Treatments?

What are aquagenic urticaria treatments?

The aquagenic urticaria is a very rare form of urticaria. It means allergy to water. People suffering from it will find their skin itching and burning after exposure to water. The exact causes of the aquagenic urticaria are still under examination. The allergy cannot be treated. But by taking the following measures, the sensations can be eased:

  • Take oral antihistamines or epinephrines;
  • Prevent long-time contact with water, such as snow, raindrops, sweat, or ice;
  • Adopt barrier creams to the skin;
  • Use ultraviolet radiation together with antihistamines;
  • Stanazolol, which is used to treat HIV, is also found effective in treating water allergy.

There are only a few cases of the aquagenic urticarial. Researches on it are still limited. If you find yourself being allergy to the water, go to your doctor for more information.

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