Tryptase is an enzyme that is released, along with histamine and other chemicals, from mast cells when they are activated as part of a normal immune response as well as in allergic (hypersensitivity) responses. This test measures the amount of tryptase in the blood.

The reference range is < 11.4 ng/ml.

Normal tryptase results may indicate that a person’s symptoms are not due to mast cell activation.

If it combines with histamine test and the histamine or tryptase concentrations are not elevated, then it is unlikely that a person had anaphylaxis.

It suggests that the person has mastocytosis when the persistently elevated tryptase levels with symptoms of mast cell activation.

Keywords: Mast Cell Tryptase; Alpha Tryptase; Beta Tryptase; Mature Tryptase; Total Tryptase.

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