The Needle-free FluMist Vaccine is Coming Back

Federal panel says, it’s OK for doctors to start using a kid-friendly nasal spray flu vaccine again.

FluMist, is the only spray-in-the-nose vaccine on the market, which is made from a live but weakened flu virus rather than the normal shots with killed virus.

First licensed in 2003 for protecting the healthy people ages 2 to 49, the FluMist was once considered the best flu vaccine for kids on the market, making up roughly a third share of children vaccination market. But, it lost its welcome in 2016, two years ago, after it was proved unhelpful against swine flu. Now, the federal panel adds it to the option list for next winter’s flu season.

AstraZeneca has improved the vaccine. But it’s hard to check how well the revised version works, especially the recent flu is not swine flu. Good news is studies have suggested that FluMist is effective against other types of flu.

So the panel shows their interest in the FluMist since it’s more suitable for kids who don’t like needles.

As a matter of fact, the flu virus evolves every year and the vaccine changes almost on a year basis. Now the scientist is focused on deep sequencing as a new way of making new flu vaccines. Let’s wait and see.

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