Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

Car accidents often happen very fast and bring about devastating consequences. You should drive carefully to avoid getting into a vehicle collision. But if you have already run into a car accident, do you know what you should do? Here are some steps you can follow.

Calm down

Everything is turbulent in a car accident. Most people get shocked when they are involved in it. But panic does no good in an emergency. Try to calm down as soon as possible. It’s important to stay at the sense in such a terrible situation. Check whether everyone in the car is OK.

Call the police

If your car is greatly damaged, or you find someone seriously injured in the accident, do not hesitate to call the police. You should tell the police clearly where you are and make sure that they will reach you. Remember the name and badge number of the officer who you talk with on the phone. And then take emergency measures to save people who are injured. If you are not sure about the injured people’s physical situation, do not move them unless it’s necessary.

Exchange information

You should exchange personal information with all drivers involved in the vehicle collision. Write down their names, license plate numbers, phone numbers, as well as addresses if permitted. Ensure that you can contact them.

Call the insurance company

You also have to call your insurance company after the accident. Tell the people from the company how the accident happened in detail. Do not lie even though it might be your fault that caused the accident. Once the company finds out that you tell lies, it has the right to eliminate the coverage.

Keep an account of your medical treatment

While being treated in the hospital, tell the doctor that you need to copy every medical report and bill. You will need them in compensation dealing of the car accident. These papers are easy to get, but your psychological trauma and other losses are difficult to measure. See a psychologist if necessary. And document how the injuries have influenced your life since the accident.

Have a car damage appraisal

Usually your insurance company provides the car damage valuation to you. But if you are not satisfied with the result, you can submit another quote. Moreover, you can invite an attorney to speak for you.

Keep silent

You should remain silent about who is to blame for the incident before the investigation of the police is completed. Except your accident lawyer, people from your insurance company and the police, do not talk about the accident with anyone, especially with people from another insurance company or with the another party’s lawyer. If another insurance company or a journalist contacts you, tell them to call your accident attorney.

Hire an attorney

As car accident law is complex, it’s hard for you to figure it out, so you’d better hire an attorney to help you. A professional accident attorney can help to maximize your recovery if you are injured in the accident. Even if you are responsible for the collision, he can defend you better, reducing the penalty you are going to take.