Some Facts About Acute Cystitis

What is acute cystitis?

Acute cystitis refers to a sudden inflammation of the bladder.

It’s often a result of a bacterial infection. In such case, it’s commonly referred to as a urinary tract infection (UTI). On the other hand, irritating hygiene products, certain drugs, and complications of some diseases could also result in acute cystitis.

The symptoms usually include:

  • Burning sensation when urinating (dysuria);
  • Chills;
  • Cloudy, Strong-smelling urine (sometimes with blood in it);
  • Fever;
  • Sensation of pressure;
  • Urgent need to urinate (urgency).

The treatments depend on the cause. Doctors often give antibiotics to treat acute cystitis caused by a bacterial infection. As for other circumstances, there may be pain relievers.

Please consult your doctor for more information.


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