Seven Effective Remedies Help You Get Rid of Pleurisy at Home

What are the effective home remedies for pleurisy?


Pleurisy occurs when the tissue that covers the lungs and chest wall becomes inflamed. It can produce a sudden sharp or dull pain in the chest during breath. About one million people in the US are affected by pleurisy per year. The earlier you get treated, the sooner you will recover.

The following seven remedies will help you get rid of pleurisy at home:

  1. Capsicum
    Capsicum is rich in vitamin E and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help throw out toxins that deposited in the body due to infection and relieve fatigue.
  2. Basil leaves
    Basil leaves are very helpful because it helps dry out the pleural fluid. You can take some basil leaves before breakfast every morning, and you may feel better after some time.
  3. Root of Hog weed
    The root of hog weed is an effective remedy for pleurisy treatment. You can grind the roots of hog weed in the powder form and take small quantity of it three times a day.
  4. Linseed seeds
    You can apply loose poultice of linseed seeds on your chest and back. It can help relieve the pleurisy symptoms.
  5. Hot chest packs
    You can put hot chest packs on your chest several times a day and it will greatly reduce the pain in the chest.
  6. Humidifier
    If you suffer with congestion in pleurisy, humidifier is very beneficial for you. It can keep the air moist and thin your sputum.
  7. Eucalyptus and peppermint oil
    The two natural oils have anti-inflammatory properties and help relieve the discomfort of pleurisy. You don’t need to take these oils, you just need to smell them when you feel uncomfortable.

If these remedies can’t relieve your symptoms or even worsen them, you’d better talk to your doctor for other treatments.

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