Rheumatoid Factor (RF) – Normal Value

When you have joint pain and fatigue that might be suspected caused by rheumatoid arthritis (RA), your health provider may order rheumatoid factor test.

Test Sample

A blood sample from arm vein.

Test Preparation


Test Results

A positive rheumatoid factor test result indicates that a high level of rheumatoid factor was detected in your blood. A higher level of rheumatoid factor in your blood is closely associated with autoimmune disease, particularly rheumatoid arthritis.

The RF test must be interpreted in conjunction with a person’s symptoms and clinical history.

These tests are usually conducted along with RF test to help pinpoint a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Anti-nuclear antibody (ANA)
  • Anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide (anti-CCP) antibodies
  • C-reactive protein (CRP)
  • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR, or sed rate)


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