Remedies to Reduce Excessive Cortisol Levels

If you often feel stressed, it is likely that your cortisol levels are elevated. It is also known as a stress hormone because it is particularly secreted when the individual is in a stressful situation. Without cortisol, humans are not viable. Those who suffer from a chronically elevated cortisol level may experience symptoms like infectiousness, high blood pressure and heart disease, sleep disorder, anxiety, concentration problems.

The usual habits of an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to high cortisol Levels, including:

1. Unhealthy diet and caffeinated drinks.An unhealthy diet, which contains many sugary foods, white flour products and caffeinated drinks (coffee, cola, energy drinks), can raise cortisol levels.

2. Lack of sleep and too little relaxation. A lack of sleep or generally a lack of sufficient relaxation moments can keep the cortisol level permanently up.

3. Artificial light. Unfavorable artificial light can cause it, including white light LEDs, neon lights, energy-saving lamps screens, smartphones, tablets, etc.

4. alcohol. Alcohol reduces once the release of cortisol. After a short while, the effect of the alcohol on the cortisol level decreases, with the result that the organism is now less able to cope with stress than before.

5.Lack of water. Instead of alcohol and sugar and / or caffeinated soft drinks you should drink enough water. Because if one drinks too little, the body dehydrates, which in turn raises the cortisol level.

Here you will learn some home remedies to lower cortisol levels:

1.Spend a lot of time with the dog. A study has showed that the four-legged friend has even more soothing effects on the cortisol level than a human friend.

2.Work in the garden can help you relax. It was found that the garden team had a 12 percent lower cortisol level than the other group.

3. Avoid bars of chocolate and cocoa which can increase cortisol levels. It is more useful than seeking spasmodic foods.

4. Certain herbs can help lower the cortisol level. Ashwagandha is a typical one, it can help the body to cope better with stress without side effects. In addition, you may not be addicted to it.