Protein Urine — Is It Severe?

Protein urine, means excess protein in your urine.This is not a good thing. Mostly, it indicates there is something wrong with your kidneys.

Main protein in urine is albumin. And the most common chronic conditions cause this albumin in your urine are diabetes and high blood pressure where long-term damage to kidney is highly possible, leading to excess protein in the urine.

Also, acute kidney problems can also make protein urine such as acute renal failure.  Besides, your amount of protein in the urine can be in a high level on a temporary state, which can be caused by the emotional stress, vigorous exercise, fever, or exposure to heat or cold extreme temperatures.

Symptoms below can be an alarming reminder.

• Swelling in your face, abdomen or hands and feet.
• Urine that appears bubbly, foamy or frothy.

In a word, these are the general causes and symptoms of protein urine. Severe or not depends on your personal health conditions. Lab tests are necessary for a professional diagnosis if you have high protein urine.


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