Platelet Distribution Width(PDW) – Normal, High, Low

A reference range of platelet distribution width is:


It’s measured in coefficient of variation (CV%).

A low value indicates uniformity in size of platelets. This may also be an indication that there is a disorder present which is affecting the bone marrow and how it is able to produce platelets. Viral infections will typically produce this result, such as measles, hepatitis, or mononucleosis. Certain drugs and cancers can also cause this result.

A high value indicates increased variation in the size of the platelets, which may mean that a condition is present that is affecting platelets. There are numerous younger platelets and numerous older platelets in the same sample. This may be an indication that some sort of disorder has affected the bone marrow or the platelets and further testing may be required. Certain cancers, anemia, and inflammatory conditions typically cause this result, as will some infectious diseases or the use of birth control pills.

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