Natural remedy for gout

Gout is caused by uric acid build-up in the body every day. I would like to introduce my top six remedies here – all natural ways to defeat gout.

So if you have gout, the first thing you need to do is to avoid excess sugar, processed meats and high purine foods. Sugar adds yeast to the body and convert grains into sugar, thus sugar has to be refrained. By now, meats are full of unhealthy hormones and antibiotics, and they have an acidic effect on your system. For drinks, it is important to abstain from alcohol. In terms of a gout diet, the key is to consume plenty of vegetables, fruits and organic meats.

Here are my top six natural gout remedies to get rid of gout forever.

1. Celery Seed Extract

Step # 1 is to consume celery seed extract and celery juice. Celery Seed Extract significantly reduces uric acid buildup in the body.

Researchers have identified more than a dozen different types of antioxidants that are responsible for the benefits of celery – including phenolic acids such as caffeic acid and ferulic acid, as well as flavoles such as quercetin. This makes celery useful for treating a wide range of conditions that are aggravated by inflammation: joint pain (as seen from arthritis), gout, kidney and liver infections, skin conditions, irritable bowel syndrome, and urinary tract infections, just to name a few.

You can buy supplements or celery seed extract. You can also use a vegetable juicer to make celery juice or just eat celery all day – all this is great for getting rid of gout.

2. Black cherry juice

The home remedy No. 2 for gout is black cherry juice or cherry juice extract. The treatment of gout is one of the many health benefits of cherries. A study published in “Arthritis & Rheumatism” evaluated 633 people with gout who were treated with cherry extract over a two-day period. This cherry treatment was associated with a 35 percent lower risk of gout attacks. When the cherry intake was combined with allopurinol, an anti-gout and kidney stone medication, the risk of gout attacks was 75 percent lower.

Cherry juice therefore has very similar advantages to celery juice: it reduces inflammation and accumulation of uric acid in the body. If you add only celery and black cherry juice to your diet, you will see very fast results.

3. Nettles

The third thing they can add are nettles. Nettles are a potent anti-inflammatory phytonutrient, and they can be used in e.g. Buy tea form. A review of commonly used herbal remedies, including nettles, published in “Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology”, teaches the importance of nettles as an anti-inflammatory food. So, they can buy nettles as a supplement or drink them as tea, and it’s great for eliminating gout.

4. Fish oil

# 4 on the list of gout remedies is fish oil. Well, fish oil does not work as fast as the first two, but over time, fish oil can reduce your risk of gout because it’s packed with omega-3 fatty acids that fight off the gout-inducing inflammation in your body.

Since gout is a form of arthritis and fish oil has proven to be an effective treatment for arthritis, it only makes sense if its omega-3 content benefits people with gout.

5. Proteolytic enzymes

In terms of supplements, proteolytic enzymes, such as nutrient-rich bromelain, can also treat gout. Bromelain is at the core of a pineapple and is a digestive enzyme that has been shown to help reduce uric acid and inflammation.

A review of gout treatment in the “Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal” mentions bromelain, along with many other foods, as part of a gout treatment.

6. Magnesium

Another remedy that is very helpful in the treatment of gout is magnesium. Magnesium is an alkaline mineral. This alkaline mineral can reduce uric acid formation in the body, and studies show that magnesium is an effective treatment for gout, especially acute cases of gout.

If they have signs of magnesium deficiency, they may be prone to gout, so it’s a good idea to add magnesium-rich foods or magnesium supplements to your list of natural gout remedies.

When they get rid of the things I talked about earlier – the excess alcohol, the sugar, the grains, the conventional meat – and if they add a lot of fruit and vegetables along with these six home-sealants, they will see – their gout disappears in 24 hours or less.