My Mother had Severe High Blood Pressure. How can I Help Her?

You should tell your mother to follow the doctor’s advice and you can take the blood pressure medication (before medication/before dinner/after dinner) for her every day. That’s very helpful to monitor her health condition. You can also record her blood pressure by note. Secondary, pay attention to get rid of bad habits. Take medication that can lower blood pressure is the most important.

If you leave high blood pressure unchecked, there will be serious consequences. Some people wonder “I do not feel uncomfortable, why should I take medicine every day?” In fact, the goal of high blood pressure medicines is to prevent high blood pressure from harming the organs and avoiding the dreaded complications. Long-term high blood pressure will lead to a variety of complications. In order to fight with high blood pressure, heart will work much harder. As a result, your heart muscle will continue to develop, resulting in cardiac hypertrophy. There will also be arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, stroke and brain bleeding.

The most important part is following doctor’s advice. Dietotherapy is not confirmed yet. If she feels anything abnormal, take her to the hospital. Remember that sometimes high blood pressure can be fatal.


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