Low-fat Diet Improves Breast Cancer Survival

Researchers at City of Hope Hospital in Duarte, Calif carried out a study about diet and breast cancer survival, the study shows postmenopausal women diagnosed breast cancer and eating a low-fat diet with more vegetables and fruits live longer.

Data from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study had already found that women who ate a low-fat diet were at lower odds of developing more aggressive forms of breast cancer. What about the effect of such a diet on the survival after breast cancer diagnosis? The researchers look at nearly 49,000 cases from various clinics in the United States.

Overall, survival for women who stuck with the low-fat regimen was 22 percent higher compared to women who continued with their usual diet, the researchers reported May 24 inĀ JAMA Oncology.

Looking at death from breast cancer specifically, of the 516 women who died from any cause, 68 in the low-fat diet group died of breast cancer, compared to 120 in the regular-diet group, the researchers said.

Women who ate less dietary fat were also less likely to have died of other causes, especially heart disease. While 64 women who ate fattier diets died of heart disease over the study period, that number fell to just 27 for women in the low-fat diet group, the findings showed.

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