Living with Someone Having Schizophrenia, What Can I Do?

How to live with someone with schizophrenia?

Living with someone who has schizophrenia can be quite challenging. However, it is important to remember that your loved one needs you, even if he or she doesn’t act like it. Also, the love and support of family and friends plays an important role in the treatment.

So what should you do when living with someone with such a condition?

In general, keep a supportive environment for your loved one. Here are some specific advice.

Firstly, accept the illness and its difficulties

  • Learn the basics of what the disorder is.
  • Understand the common symptoms and side effects.
  • Know what may make the problems go bad.
  • Learn about the treatment.
  • Keep your expectations realistic.

Secondly, be optimistic and take an active role

  • Keep in close contact with the doctor of your loved one.
  • Make sure your relative live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Communicate with your loved one in a way that he or she understands.
  • Avoid long discussions about the delusions your loved one has.
  • Always show love and empathy.

Besides, learn to react to a psychotic break

  • Be prepared for aggression.
  • Try to keep calm all the time.
  • Think in the position of your loved ones.
  • Look for help when necessary.

Finally, take care of yourself and pay attention to your own needs

As living with a schizophrenia patient is never an easy thing, patience and confidence are what you can’t abandon.


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