Levetiracetam – Normal, High, Low

The normal range of levetiracetam is:

  • 12.0-46.0 mcg/mL.

The potentially toxic range of levetiracetam is:

  • > 46.0 mgc/mL

Within the therapeutic range, most people will respond to the drug without excessive side effects; however, response varies with each individual. Some people may experience following symptoms:

  • seizures at the low end of the therapeutic range
  • excessive side effects at the upper end

Besides, some require dosages outside of the established range for effectiveness and/or freedom from side effects. People who use this medication should work closely with their healthcare practitioner to find the dosage that works the best for them.

In general, if levetiracetam test results are within the therapeutic range (or at an individually established level) and the treated person is not having recurrent seizures and is not experiencing significant side effects, then the drug dosage is considered adequate.

A level that is outside the therapeutic range may mean an individual is not taking the drug as prescribed. This is important to know since this may put the person at increased risk of experiencing symptoms.

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