Lactate Dehydrogenase Test – Normal, High, Low

Test Normal Range:
A doctor recommends a blood test to determine the location and extent of tissue trauma. Isoenzymes levels are studied to pinpoint tissue damage and site of damage for further prognosis.

The LDH blood test normal range should be between 48 to 115 IU per liter. Less than 90IU/liter is considered to be normal.

Test Levels
After tissue injury, LDH level in blood increased. If LDH levels are abnormally high, doctors will require a LDH blood test to determine which organs are affected. The levels of all five isoenzymes or LDH components were considered in the diagnosis of LDH blood test results.

LDH levels need to be monitored regularly to observe the status of tissue injury or healing processes. Therefore, LDH blood test levels help determine the location of the affected organs and the extent of the disease.

The locations of the five isoenzymes are as follows:
LDH-1: Germ cells, kidney, red cells
LDH-2: Red cells, heart, kidney (smaller amount compared to LDH-1)
LDH-3: Lungs, various tissues
LDH-4: Lymph nodes, white cells, liver (smaller amount than LDH-5), muscles
LDH-5: Skeletal muscles, liver

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