Is Sweating a Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?


Recently I’ve been feeling sweating frequently, is it because I drink too much? I’m in early 40s, I started to drink a little since 15, my family members all have good alcohol tolerance, we don’t get drunk. I drink a lot in the past 17 years, for work at the beginning, nowadays I drink because I want to. Every night I would open a bottle of wine, decided to take one or two cups, and in the end consume the entire bottle. Am I dependent on alcohol yet? I can’t help thinking of it. But I don’t feel myself out of control. I just like it, not addicted, I think.


Usually sweating is one of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. There are minor and severe symptoms in withdrawing alcohol in people dependent on alcohol to have feeling of happiness. Minor symptoms include fatigue, clammy skin, sweating, restlessness. Severe symptoms include tremors, anxiety, nausea, insomnia.

In your case, sweating probably doesn’t mean you are in alcohol withdrawal symptoms, because from what you wrote you’re not on alcohol withdrawal. But frequent sweating might imply over-stress in your organs, especially in cardiac and nerve system. Try to quit or at least reduce the amount of wine, and see how it improves. If it keeps, you should visit a doctor for a checkup.

As for wine, a bottle a day is a bit too much. Reducing alcohol intake to a cup a day can benefit your health.

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