Is Massage Beneficial for the Heart?

Q: I’m 62 years old. I know that the number of old people dying from heart attack increases in winter. How can I protect my heart when it gets cold?

A: If you think that something is wrong with your heart, you should see a doctor and have a medical check-up. The delay of diagnosis may put you in a more dangerous condition. The doctor will prescribe you some medicines or even advice you to take a procedure according to the health condition.

Well, here is a special way to strengthen your heart. You can make your heart stronger through Chinese massage which takes 40 minutes before you go to bed.

First, massage the left part of your chest. Take off your clothes and put your right palm on the skin of the chest. Do it slowly and clockwise. Fifteen minutes each time.

Second, press and rub the acupoints. The first acupoint is the left intersection of the clavicular midline and the fourth rib, the second one is where the axillary midline and the second rib intersect one the left, and the last one is located one inch ahead of the second acupoint. Use you right thumb to press and rub these three acupoints for five minutes each.

Third, massage the acupoints on your wrists. Five minutes on each wrist. If you are with arrhythmia, you should massage the two acupoints a litter longer.

Finally, do circular motion with your fists at the back of your waist. Five to ten minutes each time. You can’t stop until the skin glows.


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