Is Kidney Pain Related to Polycystic Kidney Disease?

Is kidney pain related to polycystic kidney disease?

There is a close link between kidney pain and polycystic kidney disease. Nearly 60% of PKD patients complain that they are suffering from kidney pain or back pain. This pain greatly affects their normal life.

Cause of kidney pain:

Kidneys are connected with diverse nerves. Infections including infected kidney cysts and urinary tract infections, hemorrhage or kidney cyst rupture, kidney stone and too big renal cysts all can cause slight or severe kidney pain to the patient.


As mentioned earlier, many causes lead to kidney pain. So patients of PKD shouldn’t eat painkiller blindly. To make sure you can take correct medicines, you may firstly tell the doctor your medical condition such as blood pressure level, creatinine and other symptoms. Then experts can help you choose the medicines that suit your conditions best.

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