Is It Possible If I Get Shingles with No Rash?

Is it possible if I get shingles with no rash?

YES! It’s possible that you have got shingles but there isn’t a symptom of rash, though the situation is uncommon.

Shingles without a rash is called “zoster sine herpete” (ZSH).

symptoms of shingles without a rash include:

  • a painful burning sensation
  • itchiness
  • a feeling of numbness
  • a headache
  • fatigue
  • a general achy feeling
  • pain that radiates from the spine
  • sensitivity to touch

As the usual shingles rash isn’t present, it’s difficult to diagnose. But there are some can be done by the doctors:

  • Test your blood, cerebrospinal fluid, or saliva to identify the presence of VZV antibodies. However, these tests are often inconclusive.
  • Ask your medical history.
  • Ask if you’ve had a recent operation or if you suffer from increased stress.

But you shouldn’t be worried because you can only get shingles if you’ve had chickenpox in the past. You may also turn to the doctor if you are not sure of your situation.

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