Is High Blood Pressure Highly Correlated with Snoring?

Many people who in the middle age find that they have “three high”. “Three high” now everyone knows: hypertension, high blood lipids, hyperglycemia. Among them, high blood pressure is the most dangerous, which will damage people’s health.

 It is reported that the current prevalence of hypertension in China’s adult population has exceeded 25%. With regard to high blood pressure, there is a new set of authoritative survey data. The recently completed report on the status of nutrition and chronic diseases in China (2015) shows that the prevalence rate of hypertension in China aged 18 years and above is 25.2% in 2012, that is to say, there is one hypertensive patient among 4 adults! In the 2004 report, in 2002 this figure is still 18.8%, this shows that the prevalence of hypertension in China is on the rise. According to the reports, the annual number of people’s death caused by high blood pressure is up to 2 million, and direct medical costs up to 36.6 billion yuan per year. Cardiovascular disease has become the first cause of death in our country, which is quite fatal. In brief, if you have obstructive sleep apnea, your risk of high blood pressure is greater than if you don’t.

 We already known that snoring is divided into two types, which are benign and malignant. Malignant snoring is accompanied by apnea, each time the nasal airflow disappears more than 10 seconds, each hour such a apnea more than 5 times. Sleep apnea and low ventilation syndrome, popular is also called Snore disease.

 Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is known as OSA. About 50% of OSA patients suffer from high blood pressure and at least 30% of those with high blood pressure are associated with OSA. The study also found that 83% of patients with refractory hypertension combined with OSA. The data represents that high blood pressure patients have larger opportunity of suffering from OSA at the same time. And most people always consider that snoring is normal, but actually it can be a sign of probability of high blood pressure. We recommend that people with high blood pressure to buy a sleep monitoring to see if there is OSA. OSA can be fatal for people who have high blood pressure. There are some methods to improve it. The symptoms can be alleviated by healthy diet and physical exercise.


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