Is Gout Curable? or not Curable?

Is gout curable?

The answer is never a simple “YES” or “NO”.

When it is cured?
When uric acid is maintained below 6 mg/dl, and all crystal deposits are dissolved, gout is cured — BUT  without further treatment or cautiousness, it may recur.

So if you want to cure your gout, you will have to respond well to the treatment and be compliant with the long-term treatment plan.

The encouraging news is that almost all cases are treatable. In fact, gout is one of the few curable forms of arthritis, an umbrella term for dozens of conditions that cause inflammation in the joints.

The trouble is making sure people get the care they need and follow through on taking medications. Most people often do not appreciate how bad gout can get if they remain untreated.

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