Is Cardiomyopathy Severe?


Is cardiomyopathy a serious disease? How serious is it?


Cardiomyopathy can occur both on children and adults, men and women. Some people with cardiomyopathy can live a normal life. They need no treatment and have a normal lifespan as other healthy people do. So sometimes cardiomyopathy is only a mild disease which nearly does not affect patients’ quality of life.

However, cardiomyopathy can be really serious in other cases, for it may lead to complications that make patients’ life hard or even threaten their life. These complications include mitral valve incompetence, atrial fibrillation, left bundle branch block, troponin T levels increased (plasma or serum). sick sinus syndrome, atrioventricular node conduction block, chest pain and heart failure.

Once you have one of these symptoms, you should monitor and control your signs with proper treatment in order to avoid getting worse. Working with your doctor to make the best treatment plan is a wise decision to make.


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