I Was Diagnosed as Diabetes…How to Treat This Disease?

Q: I was diagnosed as diabetes…how to treat this disease?



You cannot treat diabetes on your own because it’s a serious disease. You have to go to see a doctor and stick to the treatment plan that your doctor make for you according to your condition. Other healthcare professionals may also be helpful for your treatment planning, such as nutritionists, foot doctors and diabetes specialists (also endocrinologists).


Treating diabetes needs you to track your blood sugar levels closely and maintain them with the normal range through a mixture of diabetes medications, insulin injection, healthy dieting and regular exercising. After keeping a close watching on what and when you eat, you may learn how to control you blood sugar levels within the normal range and avoid its quick changing. In case that  the “seesaw effect” of your blood sugar levels happens constantly, please consult your doctor for medication dosage adjusting immediately.


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