I Have the Family History of High Blood Pressure. How Can I Prevent it?

Q: Both of my parents’ families have the family history of hypertension. They have secondary hypertension. My father passes away because of cerebral embolism and died at the age of 60. Unfortunately, my father was diagnosed right cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, known as CVST. He got numbness in the left limbs and recovered now after treatment. The whole family of my mother has hypertension. My grandpa and grandma’s sister all died of hypertension. It is easy for me to have blood pressure rise if I don’t get enough sleep. Eating too much meat and irregular diets also increase my blood pressure, thus causing headache. I even felt dizzy sometimes when I am bathing, lying and standing up suddenly.

A: I’m glad that you have known the importance of maintain healthy. The majority know that high blood pressure can be controlled though medication. However, people who have high blood pressure are encouraged to exercise now. It is important to increase the activity level. Some exercise programs are designed for hypertensive patients.

You are young, so you can do some exercise now to prevent high blood pressure. The goal of exercising is to promote the excitement of cerebral cortex and inhibit the transformation, thus improving the adjustment to cardiovascular response. As a result, it can stabilize blood pressure in order to prevent blood pressure from increasing suddenly. Moreover, activities will reduce blood viscosity and improve blood rheology, improve microcirculation, especially reduce the function of diastolic pressure.  Patients can strengthen health and improve the ability to fight hypertension.

However, hypertensive patients should keep it in mind that the appropriate exercise intensity should be 50%-70%of maximum heart rate. Different types of patients must be treated in different ways. For type III hypertension patients, the intensity should be 50% of maximum heart rate.

A: Let me share my own experience. I was prehypertensive and recovered now. You should keep low intake of salt every day. Celery juice can lower high blood pressure immediately. Exercise more. You should also remember that do not get up suddenly. Also, you should avoid standing up suddenly from sitting. If you don’t feel good, you have to take medication. My highest systolic blood pressure is 150. I used to feel explosion in my head, the condition of which is really dangerous.

A: Blood pressure is the vital standard of human life. Actually, high blood pressure is a chronic disease. The essential hypertension doesn’t have accurate causes. It happens mostly in elders. It is related to age, heredity, metabolism, mental and psychological factors. You can have a test to check if you have high blood pressure. Remember to keep a good eating diet and exercising. For the sake of family history, you should care your health condition carefully.



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