I am Pregnant, but I Have Hypertension, Can I Deliver the Baby?

Pregnancy hypertension can sometimes be fatal. Let’s take a look at the harm of pregnancy hypertension. But that is not eclampsia.

It will affect heart function. myocardial ischemia, edema and point-like bleeding and necrosis can be caused by insufficiency of coronary blood supply. Because of the peripheral arterial spasm, the resistance increases, the heart burden is heavier, may appear left heart failure.

It is certain that kidney will be affected. Kidney function is impaired because of short of blood, which can cause less urine, proteinuria, or even renal failure.

Cerebral artery spasm will result in cerebral ischemia, edema, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and convulsions and other symptoms. Vascular embolism and point-like bleeding are also the symptoms. Some patients may fall in coma.

When pregnancy hypertension becomes severe, it will cause surface bleeding and the upper abdomen discomfort, and even liver rupture bleeding.

You should pay attention to the potential damage. But usually, that will not happen. Delivering the baby is not affected.


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