I am Only 20, but I Have High Blood Pressure. What Can I Do?

This is a familiar question for me! I can answer it!

I was diagnosed hypertension at the age of 18, even two years earlier than you. I have taken six years of medicine, and I am 25 years old now. My doctor is now trying to stop my medicine and I was observed. In fact, high blood pressure is a chronic disease, my doctor said that it is not good to take medication to control it in the whole lifetime. For young people, it should as early as possible to know that they have hypertension. To improve it, you should change your life habits, pay attention to rest and sleep. Not enough break will make your blood pressure higher. When I exercise, I sometimes feel dizzy. If I feel a little uncomfortable, I will stop immediately and take a break. But I think exercising is not a big deal. Actually, you have to do it to treat high blood pressure.

My friends and teachers are often worried about me. Every time when we go to an amusement park, they always over-protect me. Sometimes I feel fainting, I will not tell my friend because everyone thought that high blood pressure would have a heart attack. They always thought that I would die. I must say I don’t care what they are afraid of. When I was diagnosed high blood pressure at the age of 18, I was quite worried and afraid. However, with medication control and other therapies, I have accepted my disease. I can live with it peacefully. I am used to taking a pill in the morning and see my doctor regularly and have tests. I think there is no difference.

With two years of exercise, I began to try to get rid of soma bad habits. What matters is that you don’t have to give so much pressure on your daily life. Just relax and enjoy it.

So, I think it’s not a big deal. All that you should is to adjust your new lifestyle.

Life is short, so live it well.


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