How to Treat Dogs with Cardiomyopathy?


My dog is 6 years old. He was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. How many types of treatment are there for cardiomyopathy in dogs?


Cardiomyopathy in dogs can’t be cured, but treatment helps to relieve the symptoms. Treatment for cardiomyopathy in dogs should aim at reducing the clinical signs and extend the life of the dog as much as possible. Therefore, how to improve the heart’s function and ease the symptoms of congestive heart failure play the key role in the treatment.

A variety of medicines are useful in treatment for cardiomyopathy in dogs. Veterinarians may administrate medicines to enhance the heart’s ability of contraction and slow fast heartbeat. If there is fluid in the dog’s lungs, diuretics can be used to control this condition. To make the heart pump blood more effectively, vasodilators are used to dilate blood vessels.


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