How to Treat Children with Heat Rash?

How to treat children with heat rash?

Although heat rash may go away on its own within a few days, in some special cases, special care and attention need to be paid on children, which include:

  • Remove children from triggering environment: Move them into cool and ventilated places with air-conditioners and fans.
  • Dress your children with loose, light, and soft fabrics such as cotton: These kinds of clothes can help absorb moisture.
  • Keep your children hydrated: Drink them with plenty of water to help stay cool, especially after long-time outdoor exercises.
  • Use calamine lotion: It is advisable when children are bothered by the itching even after cooling down.
  • Avoid using occlusive ointments or oil-based products on children’s skin: These kinds of creams or products may block the sweat ducts.

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