How to Treat Allergy-Triggered Asthma?

How to treat allergy-triggered asthma?


Allergic asthma treatment

If you have an allergy-triggered asthma, you should first have a short-acting bronchodilator. These medicines work quickly to rescue your symptoms.

Secondly, you may need long time controller to control your asthma over longer period. These medicines include:

  • Inhaled Corticosteroids.
  • Long-Acting Bronchodilators.
  • Anti-Leukotriene Drugs.

However, if you have a severe asthma attack and other treatment options don’t help, you may need oral corticosteroids such as prednisone and antibody treatment like omalizumab (Xolair).

Some people with mild to moderate allergic asthma choose to get allergy shots from a doctor. This is called immunotherapy.

Remember to talk with your doctor before you take any of them.


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