How to Tell If You Have Strep Throat?

How to tell if you have strep throat?

Strep throat is a very common infection among both adults and children. But to treat it, you have to first identify whether what you have is strep throat or just a common sore throat caused by a flu. Here are some symptoms of strep throat for you to tell whether you have got a strep throat or not:

Determine how severe your throat pain is.

Severe throat pain is usually the first sign of strep throat. But you may still have strep throat even if your throat pain is just moderate.

Try swallowing.

If your throat is only moderately sore but becomes very painful when you swallow, you may have strep.

Smell your breath.

If you have bad breath, you may have strep throat. It is caused by the reproduction of streptococcus bacteria.

Feel the lymph nodes in your neck.

Lymph nodes can trap and destroy germs. The lymph nodes in your neck will usually be swollen and tender to the touch if you have strep throat.

Check your tongue.

People with strep throat often have a prickly coating of tiny red dots along their tongue, especially toward the back of the mouth. Most people compare this prickly coating to the outside of a strawberry. These red dots can either be bright red or dark red.

Check the back of your throat.

Many who suffer from strep throat develop petechiae, red spots on the soft or hard palate (on the roof of the mouth, near the back.)


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