How to Stop an AFib Episode?

Q: What can I do to stop an AFib episode?

A: AFib episodes can occur all of a sudden, which is an alarming signal. AFib has different types and the amount of time it lasts accordingly. Sometimes, ino intervention is needed to end an episode, but other times it is necessary to do something to stop it. Remember to call your doctor if an AFib episode lasts longer than you expect.

Take slow, deep breaths

Slow deep breaths are simple, but a good way to relax your body and heart. Just sit down and place one hand on the stomach. Inhale deeply, let air circulate all the way into the stomach. In this way, the lungs will be slowly filled up with air and gradually be completely filled. Don’t exhale at the same time, but hold the air for a while. You can learn this type of breathing through biofeedback training which improves your control of your autonomic nervous system functions and finally stabilize the heart’s rhythm.


Exercise is supposed to have many benefits for all in weight management, the heart rate, stress, and pressure. For patients with AFib, try to exercise at least 20 minutes every day. Aerobic activities, for example, walking, jogging, hiking, cycling and yoga are good choices. Remember to warm up before exercise and stay hydrated during your exercise.

Vagal maneuvers

Vagal maneuvers are aimed at stopping a paroxysmal A-fib episode. Vagal maneuvers, including coughing, or engaging the muscles as if having a bowel movement, trigger a nerve that makes a difference to heart function, which helps end a paroxysmal A-fib episode sooner. A bottle of cold water can also help make the heart rate steady.

Healthy lifestyle

It is a basic way to maintain healthy and stop a AFib episode. Once the risks of AFib is reduced, the episode will gradually be stopped. Ways to stay healthyRelated FAQs: include:

  • Quit smoking
  • Have enough sleep
  • Stop stressing
  • Develop healthy diets



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