How to Live Extremely Well With Diabetes for 32 Years? Come and Check His Sharing…

I was diagnosed with diabetes at 9 years old, in the summer of 1985.

I love sweet food since I was a child. It’s really normal for kids. Later the “three polys and one little” symptoms happen to me. I ate, drank and peed, again and again. And my weight was falling rapidly. Finally, I was diagnosed with type one diabetes, urine sugar 4+, blood sugar 53mmol/l.

After a brief symptomatic treatment (mainly using insulin), I was better. And I seemed back to healthy people for several ten days without injecting insulins, which was the “honeymoon” of my diabetic history as my doctor said.

Finally, insulin injection was back to my life with a start of 4 units. I have a strict control of my diet: vegetables, 250 grams; staple food, 50-100 grams, less meat, two eggs before bedtime.

Honestly, I once kept thinking why did it happen to me? After a genetic examination, no genes related to diabetes were found. Then it may come from
my poor eating habits, infections, and nervousness.

Whatever! From now, I have to change my life habits. All of my families are involved. We together began to learn the diabetes for controlling my diabetes.

Changes in life habits are difficult at first because it involves all aspects. We no longer use pure sugar, sugary foods, high-fat dishes, and strictly control oil and salt intake, pay attention to a large number of edible fruits and vegetables and ensure sufficient high-quality protein.Also, I have kept a record of my glucose since the diagnosis day. Daily record and summary help me adjust my life habits and diet effectively. In a word, as you know more about the diabetes and your blood sugar, you will feel less afraid of it.

After entering the university, I majored in clinical medicine for knowing myself better and take care of others better!

I have lived with diabetes for more than 30 years with no complications and a good blood control, and my recent glycosylated hemoglobin test is 6.1%. Here is my diet list may be useful:

Breakfast: 30-60 grams of staple food, 50 grams of vegetables, 1 eggs, 250mL milk;
Lunch: 80 grams of staple food, 200 grams of vegetables, 100 grams of protein;
Dinner: similar to lunch, some fruits between meals.

In a word, in addition to learning more about diabetes including glucose control, diet adjusting and lifestyle changing, we diabetics should be more positive. We are not strange and special. With a good care of ourselves, we still deserve better and happier life!


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